39 Years and still counting

39 years ago I was allowed to join the Rusling Hose Company along with Patty Hudzik & Ray Ramirez. We were about an hour late in getting inducted as there was a working fire in Genesee St. But President Shreeve Barton made sure we had an abbreviated meeting so we could join the ranks of Hamilton’s first fire company. There hasRusling Hose Collage been nothing else that has had the significant impact in defining my life as was joining that highly respected organizations. Thanks to Rusling Hose I’ve had success in life, family and work. I would like to think I’ve never lost sight of where I came from and always consider myself not a ambulance captain, fire chief or director 1st, but consider myself a humble firefighting servant whose job is to make a  difference one person, one building at a time. Thanks to all who tried to keep me in line and have become my lifelong family. I am honored to have been allowed to be part of The Rusling Hose Company and the proud tradition set by our forefathers.

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